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Today I’d like to talk a little bit about the correlation between cellphones & headaches. I first noticed that I was sensitive to the radio waves of cellphones way back in the Nokia days. Every time I put the phone to my ear, I  would get an instant headache within 1-2 minutes. These headaches were intense & would last for days at a time! Fast forward to 2016 and I’m proud to say that I no longer put cellphones to my ear during use. I either use the speaker or a set of headphones.
Well, about 2 months ago I began having intense headaches again, but this pain was 100 times worse than the pain I felt back in the Nokia days! I tried to figure out whether it was something I was eating or maybe the onset of the flu or possibly even stress. None of the above! I asked myself, “what have I been exposed to that would disrupt the natural harmonious feeling I’ve been a custom to over the years?”
Then it hit me! I had received a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Christmas. I liked the phone so much, two days later I purchased the Note 5 as well! I started thinking of how I kept each phone on either side of my bed during the night and would wake up to use the bathroom, then automatically check my email. I remembered the intense pain that I experienced when I picked up the phone & glance at the screen. It was so bad I would literally cover my pineal gland (3rd eye – in middle of forehead) every time I checked my phones.

My final confirmation was when I had friends over late one night and they asked me, if I had recently brought anything new into my home because every time they came over, they would leave with a headache. I automatically knew it was the phones!

I now keep all electronics & gadgets  (laptops, tablets, phones and portable DVD players) in a separate room when they are not in use.

Ever since I’ve relocated my cellphone’s & electronics, my headaches have disappeared!

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? Or is this just all in my head?

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